excellence in customer self service and commerce

excellence in customer self service and commerce

Hycom has delivered several business critical, large scale complex digital solutions for European industry leaders


Digital CX and technology experts​


Complex solutions​ delivered​


Over 70 million clients ​of ecommerce systems​


12 million users of self-service applications​

Energy and Utilities

Energy companies are in the transforming momentum. They  are moving from dirty to clean energy, they transform from infrastructure-oriented to customer – oriented and transform customers themselves into prosumers​

  • Enabling customer to manage their energy spendings​

  • Empowering customer with predictions and recommendations​

  • Providing high quality experience from  self service​

  • Introducing customer with new energy life – electric vehicles, heat pumps, photovoltaics​

  • Enabling cross selling​

  • Strengthening customer loyalty​


Telecommunication companies aim to leverage the large user base and find new ways to build profitability from long-term customer relationships​

  • Building loyalty and engagement​

  • Igniting sales from service​

  • Benefiting from personalization ​

  • Integrating customer experience across channels​

  • Moving customers to high-quality self-service ​

  • Generating more revenue from customer ​


While the Manufacturing Industry is moving from product-centric to customer-centric, CEOs focus on the values this shift brings across ​
the entire business eco-system – including their employees, customers, and distributors or partners​

  • Enhancing customer experience ​

  • Being easier to do business with (both up and down the value chain) ​

  • Executing smarter and as lean as possible​

  • Generating more recurring revenue and increasing profit​

Case studies

We are proud to be a long-time partner of many top European brands

Energy & Utilities



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