A pratical guide to Scaling Agile

Agile is now present in most organizations and is no longer the environment for product development just for small organizations or start-ups. According to the 2020 State of Agile report, 95 % of organizations already use agile practices, but only 1/5 have implemented them on a large scale. Agile consultants propose SAFe, SoS, Nexus, LeSS as ready recipes for scaling.

Watch this 8-minute video on how to scale agile in IT from our team of experts. You'll learn:

  • How to approach the process of building cross-functional, agile teams in your organization?

  • How to introduce agility on a large scale to your working environment and keep high product quality at the same time?

  • Which aspects of agile culture are crucial to benefiting the most from scaling agile?

Agile consultants propose SAFe, SoS, Nexus, LeSS as ready recipes for scaling - do they guarantee the success of a large enterprise indeed? Based on our experience, we can show you which areas of scaling you should pay particular attention to.
How can you protect yourself against the risk of potential loss of quality resulting from such a change? Based on our experience with scaling projects, we see that the following areas are worth considering:
1. Cross-functionality (1:55)
2. Quality criteria in the organization ( 3:05)
3. Transparency ( 4:03)
4. Trust (5:15)
5. Focus on value (6:15)

The areas mentioned in the video played a crucial role in our process of gaining agile maturity in a scaled product environment in Deutsche Telekom. Our development of portal telekom.de started with one Scrum team, but the need for achieving our goals quicker raised the demand for scaling up. As a result, the number of teams was increased gradually over years to reach 12 at its highest. Such set-up brought numerous challenges in keeping high stability and quality of our product and benefit from adopting agile practices at the same time.

Breaking silos between our development and Telekom teams with the support of transparent quality criteria for all involved teams helped us significantly improve our time to market and increase delivery frequency. Such comprehensive changes wouldn't be possible if it was not for the trust built over years of collaboration with the Telekom team. Today, we're regularly delivering new value to our product, which allows us constantly improve customer experience with our portal.

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