Leading B2B e-commerce platform releases new version

OroCommerce 6.0 represents a major evolution in B2B commerce, enhancing both the user and customer experience through state-of-the-art technological advancements. The platform continues to shape the future of B2B transactions with robust, scalable solutions for the digital era. 

Key highlights 

OroCommerce 6.0 introduces substantial enhancements across several areas including storefronts, content management, marketplaces, merchandising, and sales enablement, setting new benchmarks for operational excellence. 

Marketplace optimization

OroCommerce 6.0 brings improved automation and better seller experiences, enabling marketplace operators to customize commissions and streamline the checkout process, thus enhancing order processing and fulfillment. 

Seller empowerment and onboarding

The platform now provides marketplace operators with tools for easier pricing guideline sharing and product structure organization, making seller onboarding smoother. 

Improved storefront experiences

The latest update includes a new storefront theme that enhances design and usability across devices, allowing admins to swiftly customize interfaces for a personalized customer interaction. 

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Enhanced sales enablement

OroCommerce 6.0 introduces features that boost customer-facing team performance, including integration with email platforms for seamless access to OroCommerce data, and a new price rule editor for efficient price management. 

Advanced content management 

The introduction of generative AI in content creation marks a significant stride in marketing campaign and product listing efficiencies, also simplifying email communication handling by sales and customer support teams. 

Improved merchandising and search experience

Enhancements include a comprehensive storefront configurator for Product Kits, improved search result management, and autocomplete functionality to aid buyers in their purchasing decisions. 

Future enhancements

The new version will improve Product Kit functionality, allowing for diverse configurations and streamlined management, enhancing both buyer and seller experiences. 

Enhanced merchandising capabilities

Features include AI-powered recommendations and improved control over on-site search result pages to optimize product visibility and interaction. 

Sales enablement tools and functionality

New digital solutions aim to support both online and offline sales, with functionalities designed to streamline sales processes and enhance customer interaction. 

User experience and workflow improvements

With LTS 6.0, OroCommerce enhances usability and workflow, incorporating intuitive management tools and WYSIWYG improvements for non-technical users. 

Technical improvements

The update includes technical enhancements that increase the platform's composability, making it easier to integrate with third-party systems, supported by an upgrade to Symfony 6 LTS. 

Check the video with Platform demo

These advancements underscore OroCommerce 6.0's commitment to driving forward the capabilities and efficiency of B2B commerce platforms.

As Hycom continues to pioneer in implementing OroCommerce solutions, such as the successful project Osadkowski.pl, we are proud to be the first to achieve silver status partner in Poland. We warmly invite all interested parties to explore the capabilities of OroCommerce 6.0 firsthand through a free demo session with us.

This is an excellent opportunity to see how our expertise can help streamline your B2B commerce operations.