E-commerce and self-service development

Hycom helps companies to build their solutions in an agile way and use future-oriented technologies to meet the business goals​

  • Productive from day one, well-coordinated, experienced teams ​ of professionals​
  • Agile software delivery focused on your company business goals​
  • Build solutions based ​on world-renowned ​ and the most modern technologies​
  • Use API based architectures to improve customer experiences across all touchpoints​

Agile Development and DevOps Teams

Implementation partner​

  • Hycom is a trusted and experienced implementation partner who has​ a track record of the most complex projects for top brands​

  • Agile project management competence with design, built & run capabilities enable the successful project or product  delivery​

Team sharing and augmenting ​clients’ teams with specialists​

  • Hycom provides teams with a complete set of capabilities​ to hit the ground running in most complex  initiatives​

  • Agile teams with methods and experience in working together are much more productive​

  • Selected professionals from over 200 IT specialists (Developers, QA, IT Consultants / Analysts, Engineers) can join and strengthen the product or project team, help solve specific problems or advise at different stages of the project

Hycom as an implementation partner​

Hycom has specialized domain knowledge combined within an interdisciplinary team, we have extensive experience in projects based on the ecommerce engine, microservices, mobile apps, front-ends, building engaged and empowered customers.​

Hycom offers unique contracting models: "business outcome-based" ​or "fixed price per sprint". As an implementation partner, Hycom is ready to take responsibility for achieving the client's business goal.​

Our models of ​cooperation​

Customer team ​augmenting​

  • Developers & specialists as part of Customer team​

  • Resources managed fully by Customer​

  • T&M model​

Agile team​

  • Developers & tech leaders​

  • SM/PM from Customer side​

  • Additional ad hoc services on demand (QA, UX, Support)​

  • Support & staffing from ​the Hycom organization​

  • T&M model​

Agile project implementation

  • Teams + scrum master/ agile coach​

  • Full services scope (UX, frontend, backend, QA, DevOps)​

  • Involved in roadmap ​& capacity planning​

  • Delivery ownership​

  • Sprint level commitments​

  • Performance-adjusted T&M model​

Product-oriented design and development

  • Full scope of services – product definition, design, build and run​

  • Roadmap planning​

  • Prototyping, research and validation​

  • Multiple teams coordination​

  • Scaled agile implementation​

  • Business outcome ownership​

  • Fee linked with performance ​on the increment level​

Hycom technology team in numbers​


technology experts​

Online world experts: consultants, architects, developers combining high technological competences with in-depth sector expertise​


frontend and mobile apps developers​

A team of specialists ​in scalable and flexible mobile apps React Native, Native Apps and front-end frameworks Vue, React, Angular, TypeScript​


​Data Science & Machine Learning specialist​

A team of experienced people in machine learning and data science supporting ​the decision-making process in real time​


Cloud and Configuration Mgmt specialists​

An experienced team working with cloud solutions​ (AWS, Azure, Oracle)​

Hycom helps customers meet their goals and overcome challenges in the area of Software Operations​

Faster time to market

Market and the competition require that IT solutions​ have to be created in a shorter time

Moving to new technologies

Companies are moving to new cloud environments, containerization, new modular architectures. Growing complexity & a large number of technologies requiring people specializing in specific areas.

Skilled teams

Access to skilled workers is already a key factor that sets successful companies apart from failing ones

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