Technology consulting

Hycom is the partner of choice ​for development of future-proof ​IT architectures that satisfy business needs ​

  • Vast experience in designing customer-facing solutions​ ​
  • Experienced team of 40 IT and business architects​
  • Agile and interactive approach for rapid results delivery​ ​
  • Proven lightweight and scalable methodology​ ​

Architecture and data consulting - range of services provided by Hycom​

IT Architecture​ Consulting​

IT architecture expertise at your fingertips helping to unlock business potential with future-proof architectures’ design​

Application Migration​ Recommendations​

Ensure successful migration ​to a new platform with prior analysis and planning​

Data Assets ​Review ​and Inventory​

Make the first step to manage your data as business assets​

From Customer Journey ​to a working solution​

  • Architecture development is a vital part ​of a holistic product creation process.​

  • Architecture transforms vision into ​working software that supports ​business goals and aspirations. ​

  • Architecture consulting demonstrates ​true value only when provided in accordance with ownership and viability principles.

Agile and iterative architecture development​

  • Motivation and Strategy. Clear business goals provide development guidance and define the scope of work. ​

  • Assessment and Design. As-is state ​is evaluated against requirements, ​target architecture is designed to fill ​the gaps between as-is and to-be.​

  • Implementation and Migration. Recommendations are turned into​ an implementation plan, changes are properly managed.​

Architecture ​and business domain discovery​

  • IT architecture always exists but often lacks proper governance and documentation.​

  • The knowledge is out there… in your employees’ minds.​

  • Proven workshop and discovery method with System Discovery Canvas and Event Storming.​

Providing digital service ​to our customers’ customers​

  • Commerce. Smooth transactions and high conversion rate for non-trivial business models. ​

  • Self-care. Empowering customers while reducing the cost of their service. ​

  • Portals and CMS. Providing customers with relevant and personalized content.​

  • Custom apps and modern front-end solutions. Functional, scalable and accessible.​

Hycom helps customers meet their goals and overcome challenges in the area of IT architecture​

Existing monolithic commerce platform hinders new business development

Ease and flexibility of extending sales offerings

The multiplicity of client-facing applications cause experience inconsistencies and growing management effort

Providing coherent digital experience

Fragmented self-care legacy solutions increase customer service cost​

Optimizing customer​ service cost

Incoming 'end of life' of commerce application raises the need for choosing a new solution

Choosing the right IT ​solutions for business needs

Start successful digital project now

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