Development of mobile and web applications

Hycom delivers best-in-class ​web and mobile applications ​for commerce and ​self-service solutions​

  • Team of 30 experienced front-end developers and architects​
  • Versatile experts that can deliver web ​& cross-platform ​native mobile apps​
  • We build maintainable solutions where design systems are​ a single source ​of truth​
  • We provide auditing services thanks to​ our vast expertise​ in web accessibility ​and performance​

Digital touchpoints and front-end applications

Digital Touchpoint Implementation ​

Our vast range of technical capabilities allows us to deliver various touchpoints​​

  • Native Mobile Applications​

  • PWA and Single Page Applications​

  • Agent Console apps​

  • Chatbots​

  • Portal Web Applications

Composable Experience​ - accelerator for headless digital touchpoints​

Experience Core connects to any headless backend and ensures consistent user experiences​​

  • Data orchestration​

  • Experience and UI scaling​

  • Touchpoint composability ​& architecture scaling​

Experience Applications enhance and help manage customer experiences​​

  • Content Management​

  • Personalization​

  • Experience Management​

Mobile applications​


  • Leverage full capabilities of mobile devices and achieve better engagement and user satisfaction.​

  • Provide seamless user experience on mobile devices ​thanks to native, highly performant User Interface.​

  • Specific technologies used for cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps development allow for acceleration of time to market.​


React Native, Cordova/Capacitor.js, JavaScript/ TypeScript, Java/Kotlin, Objective-C/Swift, xcode, Android Studio, Firebase.

PWA and Single Page Application ​


  • Flexible interfaces that perform on the biggest ​number of devices.​

  • Availability of the application in the offline mode.​

  • No app store submission, install mobile app ​from web page.​

  • Mobile native features, such as push notifications. ​


React, Redux, JavaScript/TypeScript, micro-frontends,​ Backend For Frontend, SPA, PWA, design systems.​

Portals and storefronts​


  • Great customer experiences with headless ​front-ends.​

  • Assure experience consistency across ​touchpoints.​

  • Provide the highest level of personalization and ​customer engagement with supporting tools.​


React, Next.js, Gatsby.js, JavaScript/TypeScript, ​Backend For Frontend, Contentful, design systems

Agent Application​


  • Reduce service systems thatare needed​ to handle the customer.​

  • Maximize efficiency of agents.​

  • Reduce customer service time costs.​

  • Reduce training and onboarding time of Agents.​


React, Angular, Vue, JavaScript/TypeScript, ​micro-frontends, SPA, PWA, Web components, design systems.​

Transactional Chatbot​


  • Integrate conversational experience ​to provide first contact resolution.​

  • Integrate commerce or service transactions ​into conversations.​

  • Use rich media interfaces to enhance​the conversational experience.​

React or React Native, Redux, JavaScript / TypeScript, Backend For Frontend, Firebase, SPA, PWA, ​design systems.

Composable Experience

Accelerator for digital touchpoints dedicated to headless architectures

It is a solution dedicated to modern, headless & composable architectures that brings the ability to deploy and quickly scale manageable and optimized experiences by integration and orchestration of data provided from e-commerce, self-service, content or experience management services.​

Experience Core is the key element ​of our solution due to its abilities to:

  • Speed up delivery of multiple types of touchpoints​

  • Allow scaling of touchpoints. From one, you can more easily start building others​

  • Ensure consistent user experiences & interfaces and provide connected customer journeys across touchpoints​

  • Unify back all your scattered composable backend services into one, seamless customer experience​

Experience Applications enhance and help manage customer experience

  • ​Provide consistent content experience across touchpoints and manage the content easily in multiple fronts environment​

  • Provide personalization of experiences content prices and the data which is built based on customer data and real-time behaviour inanOmnichannel environment​

  • Collect voice of the customer in appropriate touchpoints and appropriate moments and empower the teams with Insights and close-the-loop actions

Hycom helps companies overcome challenges ​in the area of development of digital touchpoints​

High customer expectations related to user experience

Ability to provide fast, stable ​and resilient web or mobile touchpoints​ with best user experience

We have difficulties keeping the user experience consistent across all our digital touch-points

Scale your touchpoint landscape quickly ​and effectively while keeping its UX and UI consistent​

Migration from monolithic solutions into modern, more flexible solutions

Delivery of decoupled future-proof front-end architectures that seamlessly replace ​legacy systems

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