SAP commerce development

Hycom is the partner of choice for ​the implementation and development ​of complex SAP-based commerce ​and self–service solutions​

  • Active partnership​ with SAP since the beginning of Hycom​
  • Experienced team ​of 85 engineers who did complex ​and large-scale implementations ​of SAP commerce​
  • Rapid implementation of SAP thanks to industry-oriented accelerators​
  • Lean, customer-centric implementation methods that allow bringing values fast​

Hycom delivers SAP profiled services​ for each step of solution maturity​

Design ​of SAP Solution​

Design and strategy ​to implementation a new ​SAP solution or migrate ​from the legacy system​

Delivery ​of SAP Solution ​

Implementation step where the project team builds and/or migrates to SAP suite with best practices applied​

Development ​of SAP Solution 

Further system development after go-live, according to ​the business and IT roadmap​

Cooperation models​

Our specialists ​in your development team

  • Our specialists join ​customer teams​

  • We support the client with new technology and products​

  • We promote the agile delivery model and Scrum framework​

We build development teams in your organization structure ​

  • We build cross-competence teams according to client's needs​

  • We contribute to Scrum implementation in the organization with our knowledge and experience​

We deliver solution ​with our complete ​Scrum team​

  • We introduce the client ​to Agile mindset​

  • We set up Scrum framework and support product owner​

  • We deliver the final product with a transition to production​

Hycom advantage​s

Accelerate business​

  • Hycom Accelerators ​built on top of SAP ​Commerce Cloud to ​speed up time to value​

  • Prosperer for manufacturing and consumer goods industries​

  • Omnitel for the telco ​industry​

Improve CX

  • Ready-to-use design components help to provide​ a top customer experience across all channels​

  • Expertise in the omnichannel to provide actionable recommendations for your business processes​


Proven, user-centric framework to explore ​new business opportunities ​and validate the ideas quickly, and at a low cost​

Telco Accelerator to speed up​ e-commerce and self-service implementation in telco industry​

  • Seamless product & service bundles​ in one order ​(e.g., subscription telco service with devices)

  • Self-service oriented with support for: prolonging, upgrading contracts or managing value-added services

  • Built-in PIM and CMS to enrich basic data from your ERP managestorefront content ​in a drag-and-drop way

Manufacturing accelerator ​to help you move your business forward in digital channels

  • Accelerates B2B processes with ​personalized pricelists, promotions, product listings, importing cart from a file and content.​

  • Customer data and pricing conditions integrated with your ERP.​

  • PIM module to enrich basic data from your ERP (i.e., add photos, rich descriptions).​

  • Built-in CMS to manage storefront.​

Hycom helps company meet the goals and overcome ​challenges in the area of commerce system​ ​

Increasing the flexibility ​of operation

Change of any business process requires ​ a lot of development

Omnichannel customer experience

Inconsistent customer journeys across​ channels

Coherent IT system ​landscape

Data redundancy and latency, difficult maintenance and process automation

Ease of system integration

Many point-to-point integrations.​ No clear and consistent API across key systems

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    Head of Energy & Utilities Sector

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