Experience design

Hycom has a holistic approach to designing experiences and always cares about ​solid research and verification of ​designs with customers

  • Mixed team of UX designers, service designers, researches and experience consultants​
  • One design practice which is a fusion of UX and CX practices
  • Omnichannel context of experience design​ ​
  • Lean and agile design practices compatible with software delivery processes​

User Experience Design​

Lean UX - Validates a user need

  • Provides useful and usable solutions, before developing it (limits the risks)​

  • Combines principles and tools from Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile​​

  • Uses a build-measure-learn loop to test hypotheses and iterate potential solutions designs​​

  • Viable solutions are shipped early in the MVP form that provides value for users, businesses and are feasible and ready for the next steps​​

Agile UX​ - Answers the user need

  • Integrates UX design processes into Agile methodologies – Sprints mode​​

  • Focused on the needs of developers with UX practices added​

  • Uses short product design and development cycles​​

  • Product features are designed and released incrementally​

What you get​ from Lean UX​

Collaborative ​designing

  • 2-3 day co-creation workshop ​helps to understand customers' motivations, fears and business assumptions ​

  • Shaping of the solution ​(2-3 key screens) ​eliminates misunderstanding and significantly accelerates designing from concept to prototype validation​

Concept ​prototyping​

  • Transforms the screens’ concept ​into a Key Customer Journey interactive prototype, for one ​chosen persona, one chosen ​device / resolution, and with a limit ​of up to 10 screens. ​

  • The prototype is based on ​Design System.​

Application support and Maintanance

  • Hycom Design Panel – ​sessions engage Hycom experts ​not involved in the project. ​

  • Hycom Usability Testing - Moderate sessions engage Hycom and correspond to the person's characteristics employees who are. ​

  • External Usability Testing - Moderate sessions engage ​8-12 customers. ​

What you get ​from Agile UX

UX design as one of the significant parts of the Scrum Sprint

  • User research, helps to discover the real needs ​of the customers or verified business assumptions.​

  • Exchanging knowledge, perspectives and generating ideas to discover a usable solution​ at the Co-creation workshops.​

  • Transform concepts into an interactive prototype. ​

  • Testing design hypotheses in 3-steps solution validation. ​

  • Create ready-to-dev UI design, and constantly verify during the development​

Hycom helps companies overcome challenges ​ in the area of the development of digital touchpoints​

Growing customer expectations related to user experience

Ability to provide fast, stable and resilient web or mobile touchpoints with the best user experience

We have difficulties to managing and maintaining all our digital touchpoints

Scale your touchpoint landscape quickly and effectively while keeping its UX and UI consistent

Diversity of touchpoints make ​ the designing user experience challenging

Design seamless user experiences across touchpoints

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