Composable Solutions​ for Telecommunication

Hycom designs and builds digital solutions in the area of customer self-service and commerce with a focus on great customer experience and business value​

  • Customer​ Self-Service​
  • Digital ​Sales ​
  • Omnichannel Experience​

Hycom helps to deliver high-quality digital self-service with future-proof composable technology​

  • B2C & B2B customers ​

  • Ticket systems and fault clearance management​

  • Settlements & Payments​

  • Uniform offers across all product lines​

  • Cross- and up-sell ​

Self-service apps for managing contracts and troubleshooting​

Customers expect Effortless Service; increasingly rely on self-service; are dynamically offered self-service ​


  • Schedule call back time​

  • Schedule appointment​

  • Access "How to" videos​

  • Use Live Chat and Chatbot ​
    to solve their needs and search tickets and FAQ​

  • Personalized Customer Dashboard​

Omnichannel Ticket System Access

Report outages with a single click and get a view of all the current ​and planned maintenance outages ​in your area


  • Customers can start with ​e-mail and finish with using chatbot or Livechat​

  • Help/information about first steps before contacting ​a Call Center Agent (IVR/website/app)​

  • Intelligent (AI) troubleshooting​

All Products ​and Services ​
in One Place​

Customers' one-stop location ​for online account management, billing and payments, book ​and terminate services ​and bonus programs​


  • Mobile, FTTH, Internet, TV, Streaming and other non-telco services in one place​

  • Tariff and contract details​

  • My account management​

  • Consent management​

Services ​Consumption ​
and Efficiency​

Simple and intuitive way to monitor Data and Services usage to make informed customer decisions​


  • Data and services consumption dashboard​

  • Change of usage or new plan/tariff recommendations​

  • Bonus programs ​and gamification​

Proactive Notifications ​
and Alerts​

Real-time and bi-directional communication across multiple touchpoints with a notification center for a seamless user experience​


  • Customer communication center with messaging and chat​

  • Alerts on failures and outage​

  • Proactive customer engagement with cross-sell recommendations ​

  • Notifications on upcoming payments and settlements​

  • Notifications on planned maintenance​

Architecture that accelerates ​the implementation of the solution​

Composable approach provides flexibility​ and allows a consistent omnichannel experience​

Hycom helps Telco companies meet their goals and overcome challenges of digital initiatives​

Many customers find self-service applications difficult requiring more effort than human interaction​ ​

Directing customers to digital self-service​ ​

There is a myriad of systems and processes that are critical to integrate with and technology delivery is slower than business demand​ ​

Increasing the effectiveness of digital development​ ​

Data is scattered and inconsistent across many systems and new data increasingly emerges from the intelligent measuring​ ​

Increasing the quality of digital self-service​ ​

It is difficult to understand and control customers across siloed and inconsistent touchpoints ​ ​ ​

Integrating omnichannel experience​ ​

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